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Safety in the industries we operate in, is a number one priority. We offer comprehensive HSSEQ services comprising but not limited to development of client centered policies, processes and procedures, implementation of the same including ‘on site’ HSSEQ supervision to ensure total safety at the facility during the development and operation phases, environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA), environmental and occupational health and safety (OHS) audits, etc. An output of our audits and HSSEQ assessments is a gap analysis report including recommended corrective action.
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Our world class experience and competencies in HSSEQ has been gained through the execution of complex and sensitive projects across the industries we have operated in. We conduct Health, Safety and Environmental audits for various sectors like power & energy, infrastructure etc. We provide Health Safety and Environmental (HSSEQ) advisory services to our clients, so as to ensure the safety of the work environment as well as that of the surrounding communities.


At Gallant, we are passionate about keeping our environment safe in all we do daily. As a registered firm of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Experts with NEMA with an experienced team of registered Lead Experts and Associate Experts, we offer the following Environmental Consultancy Services directly and in partnership with our trusted associate companies guided by the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act (EMCA, 1999), and other related local and international environmental policies and regulations.

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) & Environmental Audits

We assess the potential environmental and social impacts of various development projects in the region and develop appropriate mitigation measures as stipulated in EMCA, 1999 and its amendments.

Wastewater Management

Effective waste management is central to a sustainable future and critical for the conservation of limited natural resources. In partnership with our associates, we work closely with our clients to establish project goals early, so that subsequent activities are directed toward their efficient, environmentally sound and timely resolution. We ensure regular checks are done and provide means for handling sewage/wastewater generated from any proposed project.

Environmental Due Diligence

We are as a technical leader and innovator in providing due diligence services to our clients assessing the environment, health, safety and security risks associated with a transaction. Our team works safely to meet tight transactional deadlines focusing on high quality, timely and cost effective solutions to equip our clients in making the best decision on the project to be undertaken.

Air Quality Compliance and Permitting

Environmental Management and Coordination Act ensures protection of human health and the environment from the adverse effects of toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials. Our air quality professionals provide support for permitting, ongoing compliance and defense of enforcement actions. We understand the applicable regulations, and we assist the client in implementing them.

Site Decommissioning and Demolition

Site decommissioning and closure is a complex, highly regulated process. We work with clients to manage the process of decommissioning sites to mitigate risks to the environment, while also attaining the best value for the plant, equipment and the land itself. We assist with tender document preparation, supervision of site decommissioning work, and preparation of supporting information to achieve regulatory closure.

Waste Management

Together with our partner organizations we offer comprehensive integrated waste management solutions mainly on consultancy basis where we deliver value to clients through world class waste management strategies and plans, providing project management and oversight to them during the execution of waste management and disposal field activities. Where required by the client, we can offer turnkey, ‘cradle to grave’ waste management solution where we develop the strategy, execution plans and bring on board disposal companies with international experience in waste management including for oil & gas E&P activities. On solid waste management our services include (but are not limited to): Integrated Solid Waste Management.

Organic Waste Recycling/Composting.

Hazardous Waste Management. Waste Prevention and Reduction Technologies and Strategies. Waste Oil Treatment and Recycling Technology. Oil Field Waste Management. Planning and Management of Solid Waste Storage Systems.

Extractives Industry Field Waste Management

It is important to note that solid wastes generated from the extractives industry in general and in particular the oil and gas industrial activities are very diverse in their characteristics, large in their amounts and many of which are hazardous in nature. Some of the extractive activities solid drilling waste include, Water-Based Mud and Cuttings, Fresh-Water Mud and Cuttings (FWMC) and Saltwater Mud and Cuttings (SWMC), Oil-Based Cuttings (OBC) and Synthetic Oil-Based Cuttings (SBC). Given this nature these wastes and the high economic value of the resources, disposal of wastes associated with oil and gas and mineral production continues to draw the attention of regulators and concerned citizens across the world. Given Gallant’s strong experience and background in HSSEQ management, we add significant value to our clients in the extractives industry by leveraging and applying the HSSEQ hierarchy of control philosophy in waste management guiding them to recognize that disposing of waste should not be the first line of defense for protecting the environment but rather that waste minimization and pollution prevention should anchor the strategy.

Source Reduction

Avoiding waste generation, generating the least volume, or generating the least toxic waste possible.


Reclaiming useful constituents of a waste material or removing contaminants from a waste so that it can be reused. Also may involve the use of a waste as a substitute product for a commercial product.


Any method, technique, or process that changes the physical, chemical, or biological character of a waste. (Note that treatment does not necessarily prevent the creation of pollutants.)


The discharge, deposition, injection, dumping, spilling, leaking, or placing of any waste into or on land, water, or air.

Other environmental services include:

  • Noise Pollution/ Excessive Vibration
  • Analysis and Control.
  • Air quality and chemicals analysis.
  • Master plans developments/ urban planning.
  • Resettlement Action Planning (RAP).
  • Energy Audits.
  • Soil Quality Biochemical Analysis.
  • Environment, Health and Safety Technical Support / Advisory Services.