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Leveraging our strong partnerships in the oil & gas industry and utilizing some of the best and most experienced experts coupled with the latest and advanced technologies, we have generated and continue to generate significant value to clients.
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Our expert staff with excellent experience in petroleum engineering, operations and facilities have been adding value in initial well development and operations, workovers, pipeline developments and other viable route to market options for crude oil, operations and management in the oil and gas industry, for both onshore and offshore projects (sweet and sour gas, light and heavy crude’s, water and gas injection, etc.)

Drilling concepts, operations, processes, surface and subsurface completions including but not limited to the management of interfaces with offshore and onshore drilling and workover operations as well as multi rig exploration and appraisal programs. Development and coordination of early production systems and facilities (EPFs) and operations from concept through to production, full field development plans (FFDP), existing oil field redevelopments, etc.

Vast experience in Government relations in emerging countries managing production sharing agreements and associated contracts. Proven expertise in the conception and delivery of local content initiatives.

Our team of consultants have done work across many countries in the world where they have led exploration and production in remote and challenging locations. They also have had to manage complex stakeholder issues and resolved conflicts that has enable our clients to safely complete and operate production facilities.

Our team has worked in all major oilfield productions across the globe including in South America, Bangladesh, North America, Europe, etc.

Gallant provides unique expertise for operations conducted in the African continent, where it is imperative to understand the social attributes and ways of working. Such capacity has ensured delivery of efficient execution for our clients, without undue delays, social unrest, or administrative hurdles.

In Africa we have done work across all the Regional hubs of East Africa, West Africa, and North Africa. Specific countries include:

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Algeria
  • Tunisia
  • Libya
  • Ivory Coast
  • Nigeria
  • Guinea Bissau
  • Gabon
  • Congo
  • Angola

We have led the development and deployment of equipment support solutions to several OMCs and service companies in the upstream petroleum sector in Kenya. Some of this includes:

Equipment rental solutions to Tullow’s drilling campaign at Eng’omo in Block 10BA through SMP. Lighting solution for safe operations in the various drill locations in the Lokichar Basin. Proposal done for safe portable and waste water management facilities suitable for use in the oilfields in Kenya, the Region and other remote locations for one of the services company. Filtration unit proposal for subsurface drilling fluids for one of the service companies. With our team of geologists, geophysicists and petroleum engineers, we are fully equipped to provide seismic acquisition and data management solutions.

Provision of quality control which encompasses technical audit of seismic acquisition equipment (vibroeis, shot hole drilling, etc.).

Comprehensive proposal for quality control (QC) and Technical Audit (TA) services covering initial seismic data acquisition, infill work, etc.


Seismic Data Management:

  • Review and interrogation of seismic data
  • Seismic data mapping
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Risk analysis
  • Report generation including recommendations and motivations where post analysis findings and risk assessment outcome supports drilling


Part of production sharing contracts (PSC) commitment between contractors and national governments for upstream oil & gas production is carrying out both financial and technical audits to establish correct handling and management of cost recovery processes. A key component of the audit is to critically review all the facilities, processes and procedures used by the respective contractors to ensure that they are appropriate for the nature and location of the production operations.

If care is not taken, contractors may use technologies, facilities and/or processes suited for offshore operations in onshore operations for example, and subsequently burdening the host government/resource owners with unnecessary costs and potentially huge risks of reservoir damages. Gallant, leveraging the expertise of its experienced staff and consultants, adds value in carrying out technical audits and providing accurate and objective reports on findings as relates to the appropriateness of production activities for the expected type of operation.

We also proactively seek for opportunities to engage the PSC parties from the onset of any planned activity so we can review their plans and be able to advise on the appropriateness of the technologies, facilities, processes, etc. prior to their implementation. This will ensure that risks are managed upfront and prevent future conflicts between parties that may arise during post implementation cost recovery audits.


It is important to note that solid wastes generated from oil and gas industrial activities are very diverse in their characteristics, large in their amounts and many of which are hazardous in nature. Some of the E&P solid drilling waste include, Water-Based Mud and Cuttings, Fresh-water Mud and Cuttings (FWMC) and Saltwater Mud and Cuttings (SWMC), Oil-Based Cuttings (OBC) and Synthetic Oil-Based Cuttings (SBC). Given this nature oil & gas E&P waste and the high economic value of the resources, disposal of wastes associated with oil and gas production continues to draw the attention of regulators and concerned citizens across the world. Given our strong experience and background in HSE management, we add significant value to our E&P clients by leveraging and applying the HSE hierarchy of control philosophy in waste management guiding them to recognize that disposing of waste should not be the first line of defense for protecting the environment but rather that waste minimization and pollution prevention should dominate the strategy.

As we assist clients in developing both their short, medium and long term strategies towards waste management from E&P activities we adopt the following steps:

  • Source Reduction Avoiding waste generation, generating the least volume, or generating the least toxic waste possible.
  • Recycling/Reuse Reclaiming useful constituents of a waste material or removing contaminants from a waste so that it can be reused. Also may involve the use of a waste as a substitute product for a commercial product.
  • Treatment Any method, technique, or process that changes the physical, chemical, or biological character of a waste. (Note that treatment does not necessarily prevent the creation of pollutants.)
  • Disposal The discharge, deposition, injection, dumping, spilling, leaking, or placing of any waste into or on land, water, or air.


Our experience in oil & gas facilities optimization and related services in the mid and downstream subsector is deep and strong. For over 27 years, we have provided our full range of world class engineering (Preliminary Engineering Designs (PED), Front End Engineering Designs (FEED), Detailed Engineering Designs (DED), HSE management and project management solutions across the globe to various clients.

Some of the projects we have undertaken include:

  • Facilities engineering designs covering above ground fuel storage tanks (ASTs), underground fuel storage tanks (USTS), terminal and retail marketing facilities. We have capabilities for carrying out engineering designs for refinery storage, heating, pumping and pipeline systems.
  • We have completed design, drawings and bills of quantities for the following projects:
    • 1 No. 14 KL above ground storage tank (AST) for diesel at Epping, Cape Town.
    • 1 No. 46 KL AST for diesel at Bonnievale, Western Cape USTs for
    • 2 No. 23 KL diesel tank at Brakenfell, Cape Town
    • 1 No. 23 KL diesel AST at Strand in Cape Town
  • Design, Council submission for a 30 M3 AGO USTS in Western Kenya and redesign of fuel station in Mombasa for Oil Libya Kenya, both at proposal stage Project managed the construction of 2x 10 million litre diesel receiving tanks for Shell in their Alrode Terminal, Johannesburg South Africa. These tanks receive diesel from Transnet’s MPP Pipeline bring products from Durban into SA Hinterland.
  • Turnkey solution (engineering and project management services) for upgrading all the fuel installation across the existing and the new sections of a phosphate mine in Palaborwa South Africa. Scope included project management and oversight for the:
    • Relocation of tanks to the South Pit Setting up of new fueling facilities for the South Pit Modification and upgrade of existing storage, piping and pumping facilities
    • Tank clean up and hydrocarbon waste disposal Installation of oil water separators
    • We have EPC capabilities that enables us to serve both upstream, mid, downstream and other sectors.


Carrying out technical due diligence (TDD) and environmental due diligence (EDD) for production, refining, storage, distribution and retailing/marketing of petroleum products.